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RESI + Anchor

Starting at $36,999

Purest water available for your entire home or small business




Professionally Engineered

rainwater system

Purification Steps

of your water

Smart Monitoring

only the best tech


RainBear 1yr warranty
30yr tank warranty


RainBear RESI+ systems are professionally engineered to perform. We custom tailor our systems to your exact specifications. Utilizing historic rainfall data from the 1800's until present, we design your RainBear system to ensure you ALWAYS have water

Water tanks to fit your style. Multiple color options available. Don't want to see it? Architectural, landscaping, and hidden options are available.

clean water.jpg

RainBear RESI+ systems have 6 purification steps before the water ever touches your lips. Insist on the best water.

Custom pump houses can be built to match your homes existing exterior and blend right in. Hidden options available.

resi plus.jpg
smart water.jpeg

Check your tank levels, monitor for leaks, and evaluate usage wherever you are. All RainBear RESI+ systems include remote monitoring for iPhone and Android.

RainBear Water Pro is available with your RESI+ installation. Water Pro is an industry-first: water quality checkups, remote system monitoring, and preventative maintenance service by RainBear. 

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