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When two engineers become excited over rain, a hobby becomes a passion, and soon enough you get the most methodical, thoroughly designed rainwater systems available. Whether you are building a brand-new structure, or retrofitting your existing home, we can design and install the perfect system for you.


Do you want to just water your favorite roses? We got you covered. Do you want to provide water for your entire house with six layers of purificaiton and enough data logging to see daily consumption rates (including when you last flushed a toilet?!) Yes, we can do that too!

With two decades of experience on multi-billion dollar projects, we are going to change your expectations on scheduling, communication, and the construction experience


We are friendly, fun professionals who want to help you have a painless experience installing the best rainwater system available - a RainBear system.


Meet the Team

Colin Stuart
Thanksgiving 2020 Colin Sara Elise Bruce
Garrett Rogers, P.E.
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