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The Wireless Pump Controller is the perfect accessory if you want to control pumps remotely using your Smart Water system. Customised start/stop levels can be set directly via the WiFi LCD Keypad or WiFi Gateway, and also via the free iOS/Android app. Fully automatic "plug and play" pump operation is now possible with endless possibilities through the suite of options and settings that are offered. This is the change-over version rated at 12VDC. This means the unit requires 12VDC to operate, but the relay has dry contacts rated up to 60V and up to 10A. 

Maximum current 10 Amps when direct wired.

For pumps or other large induction loads a relay or contactor is recommended.

Setup tip: It’s much easier with the App!

When one of the manual override buttons on the front of the controller is pressed, you will need to re-set the automatic operation parameters in the app or on the hub touchscreen

Wireless Pump Controller (12VDC CO/Dry Contacts)

$350.00 Regular Price
$279.00Sale Price
    • Powerful LoRa wireless technology offering range of up to 10km
    • Wall mounting enclosure with marine grade ABS construction
    • Weather resistant and IP65 rated
    • 12VDC Input "change-over" relay version
    • 12VDC 25A Resistive contact rating (6370VA switching power)
    • 208mm Dipole antenna with SMA connector
    • Gold plated SMA female antenna connector
    • Mounting kit included
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