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A complete starter pack to get you up and running with the Wall Mount WiFi LCD Keypad version of the Smart Water system. Featuring full mobile connectivity via our free Smart Water app and also the convenience of a stylish wall mounting WiFi LCD makes this the perfect tank monitoring solution. Intuitive design makes the starter pack a simple DIY installation aided by our detailed guides and support material.

This kit includes a wall mount WiFi LCD keypad, solar powered tank sender, pressure sensor, antenna, power supplies and mounting accessories.


Installation instructions:

  1. Charge the sender with solar or 12V power, and connect power to the display before beginning. 1 hour in full sun is generally plenty to get started. 
  2. Wirelessly connect the Display to the Tank Sender unit BEFORE immersing the sensor. Because the wall unit is not mobile, we recommend performing setup next to the wall unit before installing the sender. To connect the Tank Sender to the Display press the button on the bottom of the Sender and press add tank on the Display. You should see "Tank 1" on the display. 
  3. Lower the sensor to rest on the bottom of the tank, or suspend it at the level you want to read as 0%. Avoid impacts to the sensor. Secure the solar charged sender where it can get good sunlight, or add a 12V power supply.


Installation tips:

  1. It works best to complete the electronic configuration before physical installation. 
  2. The App is easier to use than the display for setup, especially if you are adding optional RainBear pump controllers.
  3. The range between the sender and display can go for 10km/6mi in ideal conditions. Trees, hills, and walls can reduce the range significantly. Tank antenna is removable, allowing for SMA extension cables or larger antennas to be placed. The wall unit antenna is not removable, please be sure wall unit is installed in a plastic receptacle without excessive distance or interference (walls, trees, hills, etc) between tank sender and display.
  4. For the 10m version set the liquid density setting to 0.5 to calibrate the sensor.

Wall Mount WiFi LCD Starter Pack

$650.00 Regular Price
$499.00Sale Price
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