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UV sterilization chambers may overheat when water remains in the chamber for extended periods of time.  As heat and pressure increase, components of the chamber and attached plumbing are subject to damage.  This valve will open automatically and allow water to circulate when the temperature reaches 95°F.  Easily installs to Viqua/Trojan D4 and E4 UV sterilization chambers. 


In our Experience typical flow from a IHS22-E4 unit on a hot summer day in Texas is about 2-3 gallons. For users who want to conserve all water we suggest connecting the outlet of this valve to your storage tank via pump suction or downspout headers. Includes stainless steel tee with 3/4" or 1" connections.   Includes 2 fittings for push to connect 1/4" outer diameter tubing (tubing not included).


Compare to Trojan / VIQUA CoolTouch 650538 and 650537

Thermal Relief Valve for UV Water Sterilizers

$180.00 Regular Price
$144.00Sale Price
  • Attach tubing to push to chosen push to connect tube fitting and run the tubing back into your water system or to nearest drain.  Tubing can also be run to anywhere that water can safely drain, ie: outdoors.

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